Veronica Perez was born in 1983 in New Jersey. 

Veronica Perez // Statement August 2020

I’ve been thinking a lot about imposter syndrome. Feeling alone and you don’t belong. For a long time, I’ve acted and behaved the way that folx want me to. I’ve placed a veil over myself and can barely see who I am anymore. 

Did I even know who I was? 

Do I know who I am now? 

I feel that this is true for a lot of Latinx people. I grew up not knowing or understanding certain parts of myself or my identity. I feel like I’ve missed out on a cultural understanding of my history. I feel like I’ve missed out on a lifetime of joy. 

I feel muted




But, like I’ve felt this other person creep out of my skin from time to time. It feels like…something…pouring out of me. Sneaky, little pieces of hair slide out from under the skin and burst forward. I had a dream that the hair was accompanied by gems, jewels, and flowers as my body burst forth to this new form. 

What is this new form? 

Can I figure her out through the haze? 

Who is she? 

She’s been lost for so long that I can’t recognize her face, so I only see fragments of the body.

This particular set of works deal with contemporary Latinx issues such as identity, protection, and power through the facade of dark absurdity.