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The David C. Driskell | Black Seed Studio Fellowship

Supported by Indigo Arts Alliance.

About the Fellowship:

A foundational aspect of Indigo Arts Alliance’s mission is to amplify and empower Black and Brown artists who enrich our local community. The goal of the David C. Driskell Fellowship Program is to identify talented Maine based artists whose work is of excellent artistic merit and is open to all artistic career stages. That is why Indigo Arts Alliance is proud to offer rent free studio space to our Maine based community! We are excited to announce the opening of our new Black Seed Studio for Black and Brown artists that reside in the state of Maine. 

The IAA mission is both local and global. We are specifically working with “Black and Brown” artists. African descent refers to people from all African nations, African-American, Afro-Latin, and Caribbean. The geographic breadth of all the places where Africans were displaced as a result of the transatlantic slave trade. We describe “Brown” to include Native Americans, indigenous peoples, Latinx, East, and Southeast Asian, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim.

Here are some of the works created at this residency: